Terms & Conditions

  • The Buyer agrees to pay MMG Marble & Granite Co., Inc. the full amount of the invoice within thirty days of the invoice date with approved credit. Exceptions will be agreed upon between the buyer and MMG Marble & Granite.
  • To avoid any finance charges, the buyer will pay the full amount of the invoice within thirty days of the original invoice date. If MMG Marble & Granite does not receive payment in full by the end of the thirty day period, the buyer will pay a finance charge of 1.5% monthly rate (18% per annum) to the total amount owed as per the invoice. Finance charges will always be at rates permitted by law.
  • If the buyer does not fulfill payment agreement or files for bankruptcy, MMG Marble & Granite has the right to demand full payment of the unpaid balance immediately. The buyer will also incur the costs of any attorney and court fees involved in settling the matter (as permitted by law).
  • If the buyer pays MMG Marble & Granite by check that is not honored for the full amount by the bank, the buyer will pay MMG Marble & Granite immediately, the amount of the check and a handling charge of $25.
  • MMG Marble & Granite has the buyer’s authorization to investigate the buyers credit through inquiries to other companies where buyer holds accounts and by obtaining credit reports from credit institutions.
  • MMG reserves the right to cancel or limit the buyer’s credit at any time, and to change any of these credit terms at any time by giving notice to the buyer of the intended change as permitted by law. If the buyer uses the account after the effective date of change, the buyer will have agreed to the new terms.
  • MMG will not accept any returns after 10 days of purchase date. By signing and accepting material, buyer agrees that the material was received in good condition.
  • MMG will not accept claims on installed material. MMG will not accept returns on damaged goods.
  • MMG may charge a 25% restocking fee on returned material.