Bianco Sivec 2cm

Bianco Sivec Marble Slab 2cm

Sivec is the trademark of the dolomitic marble extracted from the quarries of Mermeren Kombinat A.D., near the town of Prilep in Macedonia. The fine grain makes it ideal for sculpture and architectural applications.

The extraction of Sivec marble can be dated back 500 BCE and earlier. Extraction flourished under the Roman period when the quarries near the ancient city of Stibera (today Prilep) produced stone for the production of Roman sculptures, as well as replicas of Greek original bronzes. These replicas went to Rome or to other parts of the empire.

Sivec is a famous material that was used in south-east Europe from the 3rd century BCE until the 5th century CE, producing some of the most visually stunning creations of the ancient world. It is estimated that during these centuries, 1.2 million cubic meters of Sivec White Marble were mined from the Prilep area.

The whiteness of the marble, its homogenous form, and the micro-granular structure generate a high demand for Sivec marble on the international market.

MMG provides special cut-to-size projects, completed in our factories overseas for commercial and residential use.

MMG stocks a wide variety to stone in our, Maryland distribution center. Marble, granite, travertine, onyx, quartzite in 2cm, 3cm and 5cm slabs, tiles and mosaics. We import materials for 5 continents-21 countries.

Quarry blocks are cut and split employing the latest diamond cutting technology for dimension stone extraction.

Our products are always inspected prior to shipment to ensure that the materials are of the best quality.


STONE TYPE:Bianco Sivec Marble
COLOR:Snow White
FINISH:Polished. / Honed

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